March Donation Creation Pizza Benefits Open Door Bird Sanctuary

“We’ve got some pretty amazing and supportive people here in Door County,” says Rob Hults, executive director of Open Door Bird Sanctuary.

Rob Hults

Each month, Wild Tomato Wood-Fired Pizza and Grille creates a special pizza called their Donation Creation pizza. During that month, they use some of the proceeds from sales of that pizza to support a local organization and… for the first time in the history of Donation Creation pizza at Wild Tomato, an anonymous donor has offered to match all dollars raised for the sanctuary.

During March, they have been kind enough to support the  Open Door Bird Sanctuary in Jacksonport. Specifically, they are supporting an initiative to bring in the first official avian residents, Eurasian Eagle Owl chicks to the sanctuary.

This month’s mouth-wateringly delicious Donation Creation Pizza has has an Asian flair. It features sesame orange roasted duck, julienne carrots, red onion, yellow pepper, napa cabbage, and ginger slaw over a sesame orange BBQ. Wild Tomato will donate $1 from the sale of each Donation Creation Pizza in March to the bird sanctuary.

The Wild Tomato is located in Fish Creek. If you’re in the area in March, please stop in, have a pizza, and thank them for their generous support of the owl chicks!