Breakfast is Served! …Daily at The Cookery

Cookery foodies are excited to learn that one of Fish Creek’s favorites will soon be serving daily breakfast once again.

“Customers told that they miss us for breakfast on weekdays, so we listened and we are now offering breakfast everyday,” says Dick Skare, owner of the restaurant.

Breakfast will be served daily from 8 am to noon. The menu includes customer favorites such as granola, French toast, buttermilk pancakes, omelets and buttermilk biscuits with the Cookery’s own jam.

Take-out coffee and bakery goods include caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls and cherry scones – available from the lobby.

The Cookery opens for the season on Friday, April 27. The restaurant and wine bar are located at 4135 Highway 42, Fish Creek. Visit to access their full breakfast menu or for more information.